A HapaLis Prods Film
with Elizabeth Liang

Associate Producers
Richard Lee, Wendy Laura Belcher, Karen Smith

Edited by
Daniel Lawrence

Director of Photography
Javier Calderon

Written & Produced by
Elizabeth Liang

Directed by
Sofie Calderon

The film premiered in San Diego, California at the SIETAR USA conference in October 2017. It had its US East Coast premiere at the Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) conference at the University of Maryland in March 2018. It had its European/International premiere at the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference in The Hague, The Netherlands in March 2018.


World Premiere

Presented by
HapaLis Productions
in association with 
Multiracial Americans of Southern California (MASC)

Written, Produced, and Performed by Elizabeth Liang

Directed by
Sofie Calderon

Associate Produced by
Richard Lee,
Karen Smith, and Wendy Belcher

Assistant produced by
Leila Ciszewski

Stage Managed by
Michelle Hilyard

House Managed by
Charls Sedgwick Hall,
Kate Huffman, Inger Tudor

Lighting & Projections Design by Matt Richter

Sound Design by
Dennis Yen

Graphic and Program Design by
Gene Michael Barrera

Asylum Lab, 1078 Lillian Way, Hollywood, CA
Fridays & Saturdays @ 8pm
Previewed May 3, Ran May 4 - June 1, 2013
There was a talkback organized by MASC on Friday, May 31. (33% of proceeds using "MASC" code went to MASC.)

Credit for International Tour (ended summer 2019):
Additional Projection and Sound Design
by tour Co-producer Daniel Lawrence.


Who are you when you’re from everywhere and nowhere?

Alien Citizen is a funny and poignant film and one-woman show about growing up in the intersections of identity, as a dual citizen of mixed heritage in Central America, North Africa, the Middle East, and New England.

Elizabeth Liang, like President Obama, is a Third Culture Kid or a TCK. Third Culture Kids are the children of international business people, global educators, diplomats, missionaries, and the military -- anyone whose family has relocated overseas, usually because of a job placement. Liang weaves humorous stories about growing up as an Alien Citizen abroad with American commercial jingles providing her soundtrack through language confusion, first love, culture shock, Clark Gable, and sandstorms…

Our protagonist deals with the decisions every global nomad has to make repeatedly: to adapt or to simply cope; to build a bridge or to just tolerate. From being a Guatemalan-American teen in North Africa to attending a women’s college in the USA, Alien Citizen reflects her experience that neither one was necessarily easier than the other. She realizes that girls across the world are growing into womanhood in environments that can be hostile to females (including the USA). How does a young girl cope as a border/culture/language/religion straddler in country after country that feels "other" to her when she is the “other?” Where is the line between respecting others and betraying yourself?

Humor is a great survival mechanism! And friends make all the difference.


Elizabeth Liang developed the script with the help of a scholarship to the David Henry Hwang Writers Institute, Terrie Silverman's solo-show master class, and on her own. Segments of the show have also been performed at the "5,000 Women" Festival at Wesleyan University, the Hollywood Fringe Festival, East West Players, Beyond Baroque, the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference, CSULA, Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) conference, and the "Growing Up Global" class at Princeton University.


May 2013

had a successful 5-week run @ The Asylum Lab in Hollywood, CA

Sept. 24-25, 2013

opened the Stage Left Women at Work Festival Off Off Broadway in New York City

May 10, 2014

performed @ the United States of Asian America Festival in San Francisco

Oct. 27 - Nov. 19, 2017

Oct. 2, 2022

performed @ the first annual Solo Queens Festival in Los Angeles

took the show out of retirement to perform excerpts one last time, to kick off the Saturday Explorer Series at 24th Street Theatre in Los Angeles


Feb. 2014

kicked off the college tour @ Princeton University & MIT

April 2014

Wesleyan University

Sept. 2014

Williams College

Oct. 2014

Augustana College & Carleton College

March 2015

Santa Clara University

April 2015

San Diego State University & University of Arizona

Jan. 2016

Smith College

May 2016

Citrus College

Sept. 2018

Hillsborough Community College

Feb. 2019

Saint Mary's College

March 2019

ended the college tour @ Wellesley College


March 2014

the world tour began @ two international schools and the US Embassy in Panama

Aug. 2014

Elizabeth became the first American artist and first Guatemalan artist to perform @ Tjarnarbíó Creative Center in Reykjavík in Iceland

May 2015

performed the show @ the SIETAR Europa congress in Valencia, Spain

July 2015

performed the show @ the Women Playwrights International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa as the conference’s final event

April 2016

concluded the world tour @ two international schools in Singapore


The show was made into a movie that premiered in San Diego, California at the SIETAR USA conference in October 2017. It had its US East Coast premiere at the Critical Mixed Race Studies (CMRS) conference at the University of Maryland in March 2018. It had its European/International premiere at the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference in The Hague, the Netherlands in March 2018. It continues to be screened at conferences, colleges/universities, and international schools around the world, both in person and online.


A big thank-you to everyone who contributed to 

a successful Indiegogo Campaign for SIETAR-Europa Congress (Spain) and WPI Conference (South Africa)

Heartfelt thanks to our incredibly generous backers for helping the show go to intercultural conferences in Spain and South Africa:

Helen (Kami) Amestoy Lee, Ronald Antinoja, Eric Baldwin, Michelle Bezanson, Jennifer, Blaine, Cathryn Brubaker, Angela Bullock, Jennifer Carmody, Shawna Casey & Jack Kehler, Joan Chodorow, Karen Christensen, Maire Clerkin, Phillip Curry, Francesca D'Amico, Lisa De Fuso, Peter Evans, Laura Finnegan, Myriam Fizazi-Hawkins, Genevieve Fong, Audrey Freudberg, Susanna Apold Frost, Nick Garey, Lily Theresa Gatica, Kimiko Gelman Prosky, Prince Gomolvilas, Rebecca Gray, Dawn Greenidge, Randy Gritz, Evelyn Hall, Stephen Hall, Nancy Harris, Leonard Herzog, Nancy Keystone, Kathy Kilsby, Sezín Koehler, Eliza Lanman, Gene Lee, Juan M. Lee, Richard Lee, Harry Liang, Susan Liang, Moses Ling, Victoria Longland, Karen J. Martinson, Shelley Mills, Cecilia Neher, Gino Pellegrini, Penny & Jim Peters, Alina Phelan Ballou, Debra Poneman, Veronica Proctor, Diahann Reyes, Julia Simens, Brigid Todish, Amy Waddell, Terri Wagener, Phil Ward, Alice Wu, Maria Zabala, and Anonymous

a successful Kickstarter Campaign for Iceland

 Enormous thanks to our very generous backers for helping the show go to Iceland:

Karen Achenbach, Ronald Antinoja, Doug Atchison, Evelyn Badia, Wendy Laura Belcher, Stacy Benjamin, Liz Bezanson, Michelle Bezanson, Edward J. Borey, Edna Boulad, Hiwa Bourne, Angela Bullock, Bridgette Campbell, Jennifer Carmody, Christine Corpuz & Robbie Abilez, Lisa de Fuso, Pamela Dell, Heidi Durrow, Vanessa Emlich, Genevieve Fong, Audrey S. Freudberg, Lily Gatica, Dawn Greenidge, Randy Gritz, Evelyn G. Hall, Nancy Harris, Michael Hornbuckle, Caroline Kennedy, Maury Lanman, Kai Lie Lau, Daniel Lawrence, Gene Lee, Richard Lee, John Liang, Susan Liang, Patricia Linderman, Moses Ling, Victoria Longland, Linda & Frans Manoll, Caroline Martinez, Steve Mize & Emmylou Diaz, Claire Moed, Thao P. Nguyen, Christopher 'Staples' O'Dell, Eileen O'Meara, Penny Peters, Diahann Reyes, Julia Lee Simens, Peter James Smith, Karen Smith, Johannes Tang, Kikuko Tanimoto, Jennifer Taub Gwillim, Kiem Thè, Roy Unger, Elif Celebi Wisecup, Alice Wu

 a successful USA Projects Campaign

Profound thanks to the generous donors to the USA Projects campaign:

Percy Angress, Doug Atchison, Jenna Banko-Conder, Wendy Belcher, Nancy Berman, David Bickford, Denise Blasor, Sofie Boulad, Jennifer Carmody, Lisa Clifton, Jeff Defalque, Lisa Dring, Laura Finnegan, Genevieve Fong, Audrey Freudberg, Gina Garcia Sharp, Rebecca Gray, Randy Gritz, Pooja Gupta, Charls Hall, Evelyn Hall, Stephen Hall, Rena Heinrich, Nancy Henderson-James, Fritz Herzog, Molly Hope, Theodore Hope & María Sáenz, Nova Jacobs, Tom Jacobson, Jessica Lynn Johnson, Timothy Judd, Ken Klenner, Kate Kofler, David Kreinberg, Eliza Lanman, Kami Lee, Richard Lee, Harry Liang, Juan Liang, Susan Liang, Moses Ling, Karen Jean Martinson, Michael Mayhew, Mark McClain Wilson, Mary Mollica, Frannie Moyer, Chon Noriega, Trevor Olsen, Robert W. Oriol, Diahann Reyes, Bill Robens, Laurie Searle, Terrie Silverman, Carolyn Townsend, Xavier Vela, Amy Waddell, Alethea Wang, Deborah Werbner, Libby Werbner, David Wilcox, Ling Yu, and Anonymous

& a successful Kickstarter Campaign

Elizabeth launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in order to take Terrie Silverman's 6-month solo-show master class. Humble thanks to her backers:

alow, Margot Amestoy , Edoardo Ballerini, Wendy Laura Belcher, Jennifer Blaine, Hiwa Bourne Elif Celebi Wisecup, Frances Chavarria, Carl Cunningham, Lisa de Fuso, Genevieve Fong, Nathalie Foy, Steve Garland , Francisco Gomes, Randy Gritz, Patricia Hall, Denise Harris, John & Molly Hope, Theodore Hope, McKerrin Kelly, Kai Lie Lau, Daniel Lawrence, David Lawrence, Jerome P. Ledin, Gene Lee, Kami Lee, John Liang, Michael Mayhew, Chuck McCollum, Sherry Miller, David Morfin, Amanda Moss, Anna Nicholas, Jack O'Brien, Derek Sayre, John Sinclair, Karen Smith, Johannes Tang, Kiem Thè, Roy Unger, Pilar and Xavier Vela, Dara Weinberg, Susan Wester, Robert Whittington & Phylliss Crist

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Alien Citizen, the film of a one woman show about being a global soul, explores and reinscribes the definition of what it means to be a global nomad. Relocated time and time again throughout her childhood, Liang learned to grieve from afar, since she kept being uprooted as soon as she began to feel at home in a place. This global nomad movie is a deeply moving masterpiece sure to touch the hearts of all that watch. Liang’s story encompasses infinitely more than insufficient labels as "hapa one woman show," "hapa memoir," or "half Asian half Hispanic" (which, in Liang’s case, inadequately describes her father’s side of the family). All of our stories are too prismatic for such labels.

Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey - A film by HapaLis Prods
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