“I’m not from a place, I’m from people.”


Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey, the movie, is the award-winning film of Elizabeth Liang's funny and poignant one-woman show about growing up in the intersections of identity,  as a dual citizen of mixed heritage in Central America, North Africa, the Middle East, and New England. Directed by Sofie Calderon.

The DVD includes special features and the Institutional DVD has a Tool Kit on a second disc. Click here for the Press Kit.

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Movie and Tool Kit

Stream & License the film & Tool Kit here.
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Individual (Home Use) DVD: 

   • Post-performance Q&A with the director, star, and audience
   • Interviews of Elizabeth's parents and brother about being an expat/TCK family
   • Deleted scenes from the original stage production
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Institutional (Educational) DVD

   • INCLUDES TOOL KIT (digital study guide)

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For Colleges/Universities, Corps, K-12, Public Libraries, Nonprofits, Gov’t Agencies
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The Institutional DVD is a 2-disc set with the film plus Special Features PLUS:

The Tool Kit (digital study guide) consisting of:
  • Definitions of terms (TCK, Miltiracial, etc.)
  • Recommended reading & viewing lists
  • Recommended websites for intercultural learning
  • 35+ clips of the show, with each clip followed by related questions for the viewer
  • These can be used for... in class discussion, interactive workshops, orientation for new students, group and individual counseling, writing prompts for personal essays/memoirs/solo shows/conference presentations, & other creative endeavors
  • and more!





Diversity and Inclusion; Multicultural; Third Culture Kids; Critical Mixed Race Studies; International Relations & Global Issues; Children, Youth & Families; Intersectionality; Anthropology; Foreign Languages and Literatures; Linguistics; Psychology; Sociology; Theatre; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; American Studies; Asian American Studies; Ethnic Studies; Latin American Studies; Middle Eastern & North African Studies
Cultural pluralism; Cultural fusion; Identity (Philosophical concept); Social interaction in children -- Foreign countries; Affiliation (Psychology); Filmed performances; Nonfiction films; Autobiographical films

Alien Citizen is a perfect learning tool for facilitators in their own classrooms: its spirit and heart are sure to catalyze comprehensive discussion and creativity for all students. Whether used as a lesson on interculturality or as inspiration for students’ own autobiographical and autoethnographic storytelling, its lessons on tolerance are a beacon of hope and mutual understanding in an increasingly polarized world.

Alien Citizen and the inspiration it gives young people to tell their stories validates their feelings and experiences, all while positively affecting their emotional development and social behavior.


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Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey is like an anthem for those who grow up internationally... Elizabeth Liang’s gripping film and performance is a godsend for international educators grappling to find creative ways to address difficult, complex issues relating to racism and inequalities that speak to both children and adults... Be prepared to cry and laugh (hard) at the same time... Covering everything from mobility, identity confusion, racism, class prejudice and sexism to eating disorders, Liang is able to distill the essence of these difficult and deeply personal experiences and present them in a manner no scholar possibly could. And she does it with superb comic timing. The film is a dynamic viewing experience thanks to director Sofie Calderon and editor Daniel Lawrence... Liang is a master storyteller... Alien Citizen gives voice to what your students already know but are rarely invited to talk about. Indeed, it is a film that you ‘feel’ as much as you see.
Dr. Danau Tanu, author of Growing Up in Transit, for The EARCOS Triannual Journal

Her stories are rich and funny and painful and heartbreaking. And while they’re unique to her, they will resonate with others who understand the significance of such terms as 'home base-ish' and 'transition fatigue' and 'foreign school'....In Alien Citizen, Liang gives a vivid, outside-in view of the places where she’s lived, where the mundane becomes exotic and the exotic mundane. There’s drumming on turtle shells during Christmas celebrations in Guatemala, walking barefoot across the road to buy orange Fanta in Panama, wind surfing in Morocco, and riding in a car spinning on the ice in Fairfield County, Connecticut. It’s because she’s given herself 'permission to speak of the pain' that she can be grateful for all the wonderful things she’s experienced. And through Alien Citizen, we get to experience it all, too.
Craig Thompson, Clearing Customs

I was riveted...Liang allows us inside her struggles and triumphs and brings them full circle in a way that helped me more fully understand mine. By being real about the pains, she freed me to experience the joys in the rich, nuanced way that is real life...I loved how Liang took the freedom to break into Spanish or Arabic during her story...By using all her languages in “Alien Citizen,” Liang brings closer the people who can follow her and also envelops the stragglers, carrying them over the hump into something more—a world where we are not just different but also the same, one where tone and gesture speak as loudly as vocabulary...I could go on for pages about the things I related to in Liang’s show...But I don’t want to rob you of the experience of watching it and seeing what you, global nomad or not, might relate to, too. Because we’re all a little alien sometimes, no matter where we come from or where we’re living right now...From Liang I learned about who I was, am, and want to be. And I’m grateful.
Isla McKetta, A Geography of Reading

Told in beautifully written and poignantly acted vignettes about her life, Liang’s [film] is dynamic and vivid. She uses her physicality to marvelous effect as she embodies each of the different people she’s encountered, from her family and friends to everyone else in between, with vocal precision...I found myself nodding along to so many of Liang’s anecdotes and analyses about her experiences, even though we have a vastly different catalog of places we are from and lived...Alien Citizen is heart-wrenching and painfully honest, but it is also really funny...her charismatic performance works as both a play and a movie. This is no small feat. Sofie Calderon’s directing is spot on...There are so many third culture kids in the world, and Liang’s show encapsulates so much of our collective experience, even if individual details are different...Alien Citizen will help anyone confused by what it means to be a Third Culture Kid understand both the hardships, as well as the joys of this kind of life.
Sezín Koehler, Black Girl Nerds

There are times when you’re about to fall off your chair laughing, only to find yourself tearing up in the next scene. She tells it all, the privileged and exciting, but also the challenging and frustrating sides of growing up as a TCK, having to move and leave behind one life, only to have to adapt to a new one, again and again. Every TCK can relate to her story, which she tells so vividly with her amazing acting, that you feel like you were almost there with her in that memory...honest and raw, hilarious and heartbreaking...I invite all TCK’s and their parents to watch Elizabeth Liang’s breathtaking performance in her show Alien Citizen, which will help you recognize, relate to, and understand some things that TCK’s experience growing up.
Deniz Keskinel, Connecting the Pieces: Expat Kids Club Blog

It’ll make you laugh, cry, yell “HELL YES!” at the screen...Elizabeth’s linguistic skills and ability to mimic accents and mannerisms brings the colourful characters to life...As so much of the piece resonated with me, as it will for many migrants, I found myself wishing all my friends and family who struggle to understand my lifestyle would also watch it and understand me better...In Elizabeth’s audience we get a sense of belonging, of feeling non-alien.
Victoria Mitchell, Huffington Post contributor, Freelance Writer, Blogger, Content Creator

Funny, dramatic, passionate, heartbreaking, and engaging... While specific to one woman’s life, Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey is as mind-engaging and heart-touching as solo performances get, and with Liang’s one-woman show now available for worldwide home-and-school viewing, its informative, inspiring journey has only just begun.
Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA Fim Review

Once again, we experienced the power of storytelling for creating awareness, healing through sharing, and revealing what still needs first aid...she stokes laughter of recognition from the innards of her audience...she offers something that others can somehow relate to in their own stories and start to accept with a chuckle...Liang explores her story with force of fact and confession of impact but does not whine or blame. Rather her performance is powered by an empathetic ownership for her past that connects her with her audience.
Dr. George Simons & the diversophy® Team


It is so incredibly moving. Such a great resource for trainings and classroom discussions about important topics of identity, belonging, and being a global and multiethnic person.
Farzana Nayani, Diversity & Inclusion and Intercultural Specialist

"I've used Alien Citizen in many settings with TCKs--with great results. Some have even 'confronted' me, asking why this powerful piece of art is not shown at EVERY TCK event. Thank you Lisa for your gifts to all of us."
-Michael V. Pollock, Director at DARAJA, Third Culture Coach, Author, TCK Care Specialist & Consultant 

If you want to spend 91 minutes laughing and crying, this is what you need to watch. This film of her one-woman show is galvanizing—Lisa Liang has nailed the Third Culture Kid/Global Nomad experience in all its highs and lows. Thank you, Lisa, for helping me revisit and uncover those extraordinary experiences, and relive the emotions. Your courage has helped me in my continuous search to find closure.
Cookie F., Intercultural Trainer and Adult TCK

It spoke to us on many levels. The timing couldn’t be better. I’m on the cusp of my next assignment overseas and we don’t know how to tell our daughter we’ll be moving… But one very important new thing Alien Citizen helped realize: don’t force our daughter to suppress her feelings to reinforce my glass-half-full outlook... Thank you again.
Peter E., State Dept Foreign Service Officer

Alien Citizen is a must watch. Wish it could be seen around the world...From one TCK to another - Thank you.
Marilyn Gardner, Speaker, Blogger, Author of Worlds Apart

I'm so glad I finally saw this performance. It's so powerful, brought me to tears...you have done something amazing.
Janneke Muyselaar-Jellema, from DrieCulturen: Blogger, ATCK, Medical Doctor

...a fantastic, thought-provoking, hilarious, poignant performance, screening and discussion...Your voice is much-needed and much-appreciated by members of the mixed race and third-culture communities.
Maria Leonard Olsen, Esq., Attorney, Radio Show Host, Author

It was amazing! I laughed and cried…I didn't want it to end. I'm sure it will continue to give others a better understanding of what it's like to be a TCK.
Missy R., Writer

Profound and extraordinary and wonderful—like being swooped into deep space. We were carried away.
C.O. Moed, Writer-Photographer

I was floored by the story line and performance. So impressive! I laughed out loud and cried—fantastic. The interviews at the end add a lot, too.
Theodore H., Computer scientist



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Drawing inspiration from a long legacy of ground-breaking genre films—global nomad films, multiracial movies, Third Culture Kid films, multiracial documentary, hapa films, global nomad documentary, hapa documentary, TCK documentary, and expat documentary—Alien Citizen showcases the complex experience of growing up as a “3rd culture kid” along the margins of rigid cultural and racial boundaries. An excellent springboard for classroom discussions of intersectionality. Also perfect for organizational events focusing on diversity and inclusion, as well as DEI&B.

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