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10/7/23: Alien Citizen will screen at the International TCK Conference (ITCKC) on October 20 at 7:30pm Chiang Mai time, followed by a filmmaker talk-back via Zoom.

10/6/23: Lisa is co-presenting the session “How can the visual and performing arts support students through their school transitions?” with Anjara Mellman at the SPAN Symposium on October 7 at 8am PDT.

7/1/23: The first 10 minutes of Alien Citizen will screen at Kaleidoscope’s TCK Summer Camp.

3/2/23: Alien Citizen will screen at FIGT Brazil on March 29 at 11am BRT, followed by a filmmaker talk-back.

Dr. Danau Tanu’s rave review of the film was republished by NESA, Among Worlds, AIELOC, and International Teacher Magazine!


10/4/22: Dr. Danau Tanu, author of Growing Up in Transit, gave Alien Citizen a rave review in an international education journal!

9/29/22: Lisa is bringing the show out of retirement for one last performance of excerpts this Saturday, October 1, at 2pm as part of the Saturday Explorer Series at 24th Street Theatre in L.A.! 

7/12/22: Alien Citizen has a new Educational distributor for DVDs and streaming: Collective Eye Films!

3/8/22: Lisa is the keynote speaker at Peapod Digital Lab’s event for International Women’s Day today. The title of her talk is “The Transformative Power of Telling Our Intersectional Stories.”

10/2/21: Alien Citizen is now distributed to libraries online by Alexander Street!

9/2/21: Alien Citizen will screen at Hillsborough Community College on September 30 at 2pm, followed by a filmmaker talk-back. Lisa will lead her workshop on October 6 at 12:30pm. This will be a hybrid in-person and remote event (Lisa will participate remotely).

6/12/21: Alien Citizen is available on demand for registered attendees of National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE) from June 7 until June 20.

4/8/21: Alien Citizen will screen online at University of Chicago for the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture on May 17 at 5pm, followed by a filmmaker talk-back. Lisa will lead her workshop on May 19 at 1:50pm.

The film screened at Cairo American College (CAC), Lisa's high school alma mater in Cairo, Egypt, on April 5. Lisa gave a talk-back for Performing Arts and Theatre students on April 7.

2/24/21: Alien Citizen will screen online at Vassar College for Unbound Student Theater on March 12 at 8pm, followed by a filmmaker talk-back. Lisa will lead her workshop on the following day at 2pm.

The film will screen online at Tennessee Tech in April!

HapaLis Prods is certified as a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

1/7/21: HapaLis Prods is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the US.

11/21/20: Alien Citizen screened at the National Race Amity Conference via Zoom on November 20. Hundreds of people were in the online audience. The film was wonderfully received!

9/22/20: Good news and disappointing news in the age of Covid:

ATCK Craig Thompson raved about Alien Citizen (the film) in his blog "Clearing Customs" and followed that up with an interview of Lisa.

Lisa spoke passionately about why international schools, colleges, and universities should encourage and help their TCKs to tell their own stories in creative form in the NAFSA TCK Global Nomad Panel.

Lisa's trip to Bangkok to lead her workshop, and Alien Citizen screenings & talk-backs at San Diego State, N-CORE conference, and LA Public Library were all canceled due to the pandemic.

2/5/20: ATCK Author Isla McKetta gave Alien Citizen (the film) a rave review on her blog "A Geography of Reading"!

Lisa will lead her workshop at Lewis & Clark College’s TCK Symposium on February 18.

12/7/19: The DVD is now on sale for the holidays at 40% off thru December 19th!

Lisa will lead her workshop at the Near East South Asia (NESA) Educators Conference in Bangkok, Thailand in early April 2020.

Alien Citizen (the movie) screened at the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) Conference in Tucson, Arizona on November 8.

Lisa lead her workshop at the NAFSA Region XII Conference in Pasadena, California on November 6.

9/14/19: Alien Citizen (the play) is now officially retired. It had its final tour during the academic year of 2018-19. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped develop the script, rehearsed the production, donated to the master class and world premiere and tour, crewed the premiere and tour, and attended any performance!!!

2/18/19: Alien Citizen (the play) will be at Wellesley College on March 6 at 7:30pm at Jewett Auditorium. Lisa will lead her workshop the next evening, March 7 at 5:30pm. Click here for more info.

12/7/18: Black Girl Nerds gave the film a rave review!

11/26/18: Alien Citizen (the movie) is now streamable!

11/14/18: Alien Citizen (the movie) is screening in Professor Rena Heinrich's Performing Identity class at USC today, followed by Lisa's workshop. The film will be a streamable rental around Thanksgiving 2018!

10/30/18: Alien Citizen (the play) and Lisa's workshop are going to Saint Mary's College (IN) on February 6-7, 2019. Stay tuned for more info!

10/10/18: Alien Citizen (the play) and Lisa's workshop are going to Wellesley College on March 6-7, 2019. Stay tuned for more info!

8/22/18: LOTS OF NEWS! Next performance is on September 27, 2018 at 7:30pm at Hillsborough Community College at the Mainstage Theatre, Ybor Performing Arts Building. Workshop the following day at 10am.

The film version won the Outstanding Achievement Award in the Performing Arts category at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival!

These college/university libraries now hold the DVD in their collections: Carleton, Duke, Princeton, San Diego State, Santa Clara, Wesleyan, and Williams.

5/11/18: Wesleyan Magazine published Lisa's essay about her upbringing and creating Alien Citizen: AEO as a one-woman show and movie.

2/12/18: The movie version is screening at the Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference at the University of Maryland on Thursday, March 1, at 3pm and the Families in Global Transition Conference in The Hague on Friday, March 9 at 5:15pm. Also, Lisa is leading her "Tell Your Intercultural Story" workshop on Saturday, March 3, 1-2:30pm at the Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference at the University of Maryland.

1/12/18: The first review of the movie version on DVD is a RAVE! Click here to read it.

10/25/17: DVD of the show is now available! Order here. The movie premiered at the SIETAR USA Conference on October 20!

7/21/17: The show will be part of the Solo Queens Festival in Los Angeles at the Bootleg Theater, October 27 - November 19, 2017!

3/29/17: The movie of Alien Citizen: an earth odyssey has been chosen as a Finalist for the Mixed Remixed Film Festival 2017!

9/15/16: We highly recommend Sea Change Mentoring to all international teens and young adults! SCM develops skills and networks that will help these youths navigate the challenges particular to Third Culture Kids and expat young adults.

6/17/16: We're deep into post-production on the digital version of the show, editing editing editing!

3/1/16: The show is going to Citrus C︎︎︎ollege on May 5!

2/2/16: The show is going to Canadian International School (Singapore) and Singapore American School on April 25 & 27! Asia-Pacific debut!

11/23/15: The show was video recorded on November 19 and 20 in Los Angeles, in order for it to be made available on DVD!

10/14/15: The show is going to Smith College on January 30, 2016!

5/29/15: The show is scheduled for July 3 at 4pm at the Women Playwrights International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa!

4/12/15: The show is going to SIETAR-Europa Congressin Spain (May) and WPI Conference in South Africa (June)! Heartfelt thanks to our donors: Helen (Kami) Amestoy Lee, Ronald Antinoja, Eric Baldwin, Michelle Bezanson, Jennifer Blaine, Cathryn Brubaker, Angela Bullock, Jennifer Carmody, Shawna Casey & Jack Kehler, Joan Chodorow, Karen Christensen, Maire Clerkin, Phillip Curry, Francesca D'Amico, Lisa De Fuso, Peter Evans, Laura Finnegan, Myriam Fizazi-Hawkins, Genevieve Fong, Audrey Freudberg, Susanna Apold Frost, Nick Garey, Lily Theresa Gatica, Kimiko Gelman Prosky, Prince Gomolvilas, Rebecca Gray, Dawn Greenidge, Randy Gritz, Evelyn Hall, Stephen Hall, Nancy Harris, Leonard Herzog, Nancy Keystone, Kathy Kilsby, Sezín Koehler, Eliza Lanman, Gene Lee, Juan M. Lee, Richard Lee, Harry Liang, Susan Liang, Moses Ling, Victoria Longland, Karen J. Martinson, Shelley Mills, Cecilia Neher, Gino Pellegrini, Penny & Jim Peters, Alina Phelan Ballou, Debra Poneman, Veronica Proctor, Diahann Reyes, Julia Simens, Brigid Todish, Amy Waddell, Terri Wagener, Phil Ward, Alice Wu, Maria Zabala, and Anonymous

3/11/15: Please help the show get to Spain and South Africa! (Deadline: April 10.) Indiegogo

2/22/15: Praise for the show on TCKid TV

1/22/15: The show is going to Santa Clara University on March 3!

12/12/14: The show is going to San Diego State University and University of Arizona in April 2015!

10/22/14: New shorter trailer!

9/29/14: Wonderful review from Williams College: The Williams Record

9/10/14: The show is going to Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on October 2!

8/1/14: The show has been invited to the IMFFA retreat in Maryland on 9/30, Carleton College in Minnesota on 10/31, and the Women Playwrights International Conference in Cape Town, South Africa in June 2015!

7/14/14: We're happy to announce that the show is now represented on the college circuit by

6/18/14: Iceland dates set! August 20 and 22!

6/3/2014: The show is going to Iceland in August!!! Enormous thanks to our very generous backers: Karen Achenbach, Ronald Antinoja, Doug Atchison, Evelyn Badia, Wendy Laura Belcher, Stacy Benjamin, Liz Bezanson, Michelle Bezanson, Edward J. Borey, Edna Boulad, Hiwa Bourne, Angela Bullock, Bridgette Campbell, Jennifer Carmody, Christine Corpuz & Robbie Abilez, Lisa de Fuso, Pamela Dell, Heidi Durrow, Vanessa Emlich, Genevieve Fong, Audrey S. Freudberg, Lily Gatica, Dawn Greenidge, Randy Gritz, Evelyn G. Hall, Nancy Harris, Michael Hornbuckle, Caroline Kennedy, Maury Lanman, Kai Lie Lau, Daniel Lawrence, Gene Lee, Richard Lee, John Liang, Susan Liang, Patricia Linderman, Moses Ling, Victoria Longland, Linda & Frans Manoll, Caroline Martinez, Steve Mize & Emmylou Diaz, Claire Moed, Thao P. Nguyen, Christopher 'Staples' O'Dell, Eileen O'Meara, Penny Peters, Diahann Reyes, Julia Lee Simens, Peter James Smith, Karen Smith, Johannes Tang, Kikuko Tanimoto, Jennifer Taub Gwillim, Kiem Thè, Roy Unger, Elif Celebi Wisecup, Alice Wu

5/22/14: Please help the show get to Iceland! (Deadline: June 2.) Kickstarter: Iceland Wants ALIEN CITIZEN: An Earth Odyssey!

4/14/14: The show will be part of the United States of Asian America Festival in San Francisco on May 10 at 8pm, sponsored by the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Tix: $12.

4/8/14: The World Bank Family Network has booked excerpts of the show for their Gala Dinner on May 13, and Williams College has booked the whole show for September 18!

4/2/14: The show is going to Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT next week on April 10!

2/13/14: Three international schools and the US Embassy in Panama City, Panama have booked excerpts from the show + Q&A for March 25-28, 2014.

1/31/14: Elizabeth performed an excerpt of the show at CSULA on January 27. She led a workshop after the performance for two classes back-to-back.

1/15/14: The show will be the closing keynote address at the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference in Virginia on March 23. Princeton University performance will be on February 12 at 8pm at Whitman College Class of 1970 Theatre. (Free--arrive early to secure your seat!) M.I.T. performance will be on February 21 at 7pm in classroom # 6-120. Refreshments served beforehand. (Free.)

10/14/13: The show has been invited to M.I.T.after it goes to Princeton in February 2014!

9/30/13: The East Coast and NYC Premieres and Off Off Broadway debut were wonderfully received!

"It's a world tour no one should miss." ELJNYC Off-BroadWay

"Honest... animated... This is, like a great many one-person shows, an intimate affair... She simply tells it better than most." NY Theatre Guide

9/2/13: Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey has been invited to open the Women at Work Festival at Stage Left Studio in NYC on 9/24 & 9/25 at 7:30pm! Most proceeds will go to The Girl Effect and tix are available at: Women at Work: Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey

8/8/13: The trailer is now on the Home page and YouTube! Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey trailer

6/29/13: The show has been invited to Princeton University this coming school year. This is a very exciting honor. Stay tuned for exact date(s)!

Like so many people born from intercultural, interracial relationships, Elizabeth Liang was born "among worlds.” Growing up as a Guatemalan-American Third Culture Kid (TCK), her home kept moving. When she came to the USA, she had to learn how to adapt to American culture. And when she moved across the world and kept moving, she had to learn once again to adapt to a new culture every time. She would tell herself “I just want to belong somewhere.” In between the movie and her real life, we find a story of redemption, love, and belonging. Alien Citizen is a multifaceted narrative of the learned role of the outsider and letting go of your inner censor. Alien Citizen is a perfect film for any classroom or organization committed to honoring and incorporating diversity.
Alien Citizen: An Earth Odyssey - A film by HapaLis Prods
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