We only have to closely examine any image of continuity in order to see hatches of discontinuity. These hatches seem to be a continued shade, but that is a result of blurred heterogeneity. It is an argument that we have already presented many times. Here we will see it freshly through a particular metaphor, that is, by analyzing the layer of music and poem.


It stands out because of its abundance of association. It is an inductive word, a word that makes us dream a word that comes to dream in us. Say it soly, no matter what the context, and it will make dreamers descend into their deepest past, into their most distant unconscious, even beyond all that was their person. 


The lock doesn’t exist that could resist absolute violence, and all locks are an invitation to thieves. A lock is a psychological threshold.


We shall easily be able to observe the observer and so arrive at the principles underlying this value-laden or rather this hypnotized form of observation…

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