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The stage production had its final tour and was retired in summer 2019.

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Theatre Reviews

ELJNYC Off-Broadway

     “Liang is talented and so energetic it makes your head spin. She is also, above all, genuine. Upbeat about even the downbeat side of her growing-up, she makes it all exciting, alarming, surprising, and very funny. It’s a world tour no one should miss.”

The Williams Record

"Strikes such a profound and memorable chord...amazing amount of humor, aplomb and hope...unique charm... Liang’s story rings true for us...a raw, moving sociological odyssey."


 “After you have laughed and sighed and even let a tear or two roll down your cheek you realize that this touching, absorbing, riveting tale could be about almost any one who has ever felt left out.”

NY Theatre Guide

"Honest... animated... This is, like a great many one-person shows, an intimate affair... She simply tells it better than most."

Asians on Film

 "You can do nothing but hang on as Elizabeth takes you on an emotional roller coaster through her life around the world... All in all, Alien Citizen is a fantastic professional and personal accomplishment from a talented and passionate performer."

LA Weekly

"Director Sofie Calderon's intimate production capitalizes on Liang's assured skills as a raconteur...inevitably moving."


“Elizabeth Liang's comic timing, flair for the telling detail, massive range of emotive ability, and willingness to wrench open the wounds we all have are what first strike the viewer. But what remains is the knowledge that we gain from all great art: we are not alone.”
Dr. Wendy Laura Belcher, Princeton University

“It was profound for all of us...brings laughter and tears to anyone who has lived this life or knows others who have. It is a great show, presenting the gifts as well as the challenges.”
Ruth Van Reken, author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds

“It was an absolutely amazing performance. People loved it! Thank you for the incredible gift of art and self that you shared with all of us. It remains, even after your departure!”
Smitha Radhakrishnan, Associate Professor of Sociology, Luella LaMer Associate 
Professor of Women's Studies, Wellesley College

“What an engaging, poignant and entertaining show! Every once in a while you stumble upon a little gem of a play...what a delicious, fulfilling evening of theatre! How refreshing your voice is, how interesting (even educational).”
Marilyn Tokuda, former Arts Education Director, East West Players

“Show was gorgeous. The memories were so vividly and expertly imparted, like an excellent short story or memoir, I feel as if I'd been to all the places Elizabeth lived. And her emotional fluidity, comic timing and dynamic, morphing voice, so moving and delightful to absorb. I really related.”
Heather Woodbury, Obie-Award Winner and Solo Show Creator ("As the Globe Warms")

“Tremendous. Lisa gently opens your chest, takes out your heart, makes it laugh, makes it cry and asks it to dance. When that last part happens, you'll have no hesitation in saying Yes please, thru teary eyes. Yes please, Lisa Liang, please dance with my heart”
Phil Ward, Managing Director, ComedySportz LA

“As a fellow TCK I am so thrilled that you are getting "our story" out there. I found so much of what you said healing for me - "me too, me too, me too!" I wanted to yell out. You were so honest and raw and bare. Congratulations! May your show live a long life.”
Diahann Reyes, Writer/Actor

“I was blown away! Lisa's performance was equal measure humor and heartbreak. She walked us right to the edge of tears then brought us back with impeccable comic timing. I truly felt transported to the many countries of her youth, strangely understanding an experience that should have been "alien" to me.”
Thomas Lopez, Founder, Latinas and Latinos of Mixed Ancestry (LOMA)

“A little masterpiece, really.”
Professor Gene H. Bell-Villada, Williams College

“Such an extraordinary and exhilarating piece of theatre! Illuminating and rich and generous. Superb. Best experience I have had in a theatre in a gazillion years.”
Bill Ingram, Casting Director

“Best Friday night I've had in months. What an accomplishment and what a lovely, enlightening, and haunting evening. This is remarkable theatre and your point of view is a wonderful gift to us all.”
Terri Wagener, Author/Screenwriter

“I was so moved by your show...it's emotional, funny and truly original...it has to tour!”

“Great show. I couldn't imagine how much it would affect me. It was honest and magical.”
Gene Lee, Writer

“Spectacular opening night performance. Funny, moving, thought provoking and utterly entertaining. You were incredible and the show is still with me. The brilliance & power of Alien Citizen is that it un-alienates us to ourselves and each other”
Terrie Silverman, Artist-in-Residence, Beyond Baroque & Founder, Creative Rites Workshops for Writing & Performance

"Show was wonderful. I'm still thinking about it. It is really inspiring."
-Linda Graves, Interim Director, Haugh Performing Arts Center, Citrus College

"The show was GREAT."
-John Vaughan, Curriculum Chair/Dance Faculty, Citrus College

“Wonderful work. Never lost sight of the storytelling. That's a difficult line Elizabeth has to straddle - between honesty and theatricality - and she does it magnificently.”
Bill Robens, Playwright/Screenwriter (Kill Me, Deadly; A Mulholland Christmas Caroll) & Lynn Odell, Actress/Producer

“PHENOMENAL. The show took me on a journey and it was my pleasure to be there.”
Shawna Casey, Playwright/Actress

“Great story of identity, adaptation quite epic and very romantic in its scope and distance! If anyone were to say to me about Elizabeth: What is she? My answer would be simple and knee jerk: She is an artist.”
Rich Werner, Solo Artist

“Tour de Force.”
Rebecca Gray, Actress/Writer

“Lisa is such a brave performer, with a range of emotions that are easily accessible, both to her & the audience. I was amazed at the wide range of audience members, young, old, hip, intellectual and worldly. Everyone shook their heads in recognition of the joys & pitfalls of living such a fascinating life. So much material, I can't wait to see it again”
Steve Mize, Solo Performer/Nomadic Traveler

“Just loved it and laughed so much.”
Hilary Duffy, International Photographer

“Amazing, intrepid performance! Spectacular! The show was funny, poignant, and well-written!”
Rena Heinrich, Director/Actress

“Loved it! Loved it! Loved it! I laughed and cried and for the entire performance I was truly captivated”
Ken Klenner, Jeweler/Gemologist

“What a privilege to see the many people who've crossed through and helped shape Elizabeth's life through the multiple, unique characters she's created! LOVED the writing, expression, and truth. Brava!”
Sharline Liu, Industry event planner/ Actress

“It was an amazing show, wonderful night, meaningful experience.”
Carol Turpen, Senior Manager, IngramMicro

“Professional, fantastically written with humor and heart, brilliantly executed while flawlessly flowing from one character to another, WOW!”
Kate Kofler, Actress & Interior Designer

“It was such a great show - so intelligent, funny and moving.”
Krista Conti, Actress

“Bravo to Elizabeth Liang on the wonderful Alien Citizen.“
Rafeal Clements, Director/Writer/Actor

“What a fantastic show! Can't wait to see it again.”
Genevieve Fong, Eames Office

“I am so thankful I was able to come, as I really enjoyed it! I was very moved by the play and I think it applies to so many people... It was funny, emotional, and insightful.”
Vessi Kapoulian

“This is required viewing for ALL HAPAs. GO! With her extraordinary true story, Elizabeth Liang gets under your skin - no matter what color it is! I was moved.”
David Johann Kim, Director/Writer

“Alien Citizen is an utterly engaging and fascinating evening of theatre that is hilarious, heartbreaking, and truly inspiring. Liang's performance is so committed and vulnerable, and her story is so personal and engaging that you can't help being completely pulled into her journey and contemplate your own journey to identity and self-realization. Liang's show is a beautiful and thoroughly enjoyable tale of the often difficult journey of self-discovery.”
Mark McClain Wilson, Actor/Producer/Sound Designer

“Show was incredible. Funny, poignant, relatable, inspiring and most of all IMPORTANT.”
Nina Harada, Actress

“Amazing! It was a tour-de-force! Tremendous actress!
Sharmila Devar, Actress ("Scandal," "Arrested Development")


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